Creating an augmented reality app for the catalog and presentation

Apps that make your presentation modern and interesting

Opportunities for using AR in a presentation


Let’s add augmented reality content to a label — animation, audio, and video


Tell the story of the product, production, etc.


Let’s show our products from a new angle: in 3D, in cross-section, or with animation


Let’s introduce the audience to your production in augmented reality accompanied by an audio guide

How does it work?

Catalog in augmented reality

When you point your smartphone’s camera at the catalog page, additional content appears on the screen: video, audio, and 3D animation.
The model is «linked» to the mark, which allows you to view it from any angle, change the scale if necessary, and so on.
Additional content is used for greater consumer engagement, product visualization, and fitting in a real room and real size.
You can demonstrate a product or an entire production with a description of each stage.

What to show?

Content options:

  1. «Animate» the catalog and show products;
  2. Presentation of key product features;
  3. Product demonstration in real size
  4. Fitting equipment in «your» room;
  5. Ability to integrate with the website;
  6. Company tour;
  7. Diagrams, sections, or operating principles;
  8. Integration with marketing campaigns;

Examples of project

Catalogs and presentations in augmented reality

AR catalog

When you point the camera at the printed catalog, three-dimensional models of equipment appear.

AR car maintenance

When you point the camera at the catalog sheets, an animated model of the car appears, showing the use of a specific spare part of the car.

AR equipment catalog

The app allows you to view the garbage sorting equipment in action. The equipment appears in augmented reality in real size.

AR-visualization of CNC machine tooling

When you point the camera at the catalog sheets, animated snap-in models appear.

AR app for sales

The app allows you to view full-size special equipment.

AR equipment maintenance

When you point the camera at the equipment, an animated maintenance manual appears

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