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Features of virtual DreamPort simulators

All virtual simulators that are developed in DreamPort are not a toy, but a serious tool that helps our clients solve problems of training, safety at work and skills development.

Multi-user simulators

Each simulator can be fitted with the multiplayer format, i.e. several users in virtual reality can work on the solution of a common task


Role-based interaction scheme

The simulators provide several types of users (teacher, student, moderator, administrator) with their own rights and capabilities

Built-in content editor

If necessary, we develop a built-in content editor for independent work on the development of the simulator

Deep and flexible analytics

The simulator can consider the requirements for analyzing user behavior and learning outcomes

The power of communication

All simulators can be equipped with voice input and communication functions

Broad range of instruments

We can make hardware and software simulators and use advanced controllers for maximum engagement

Imitating negative consequences

The ability to simulate a negative impact on a person, such as an electric shock or a fall from a height


For whom:


Full-fledged virtual simulator modules are being developed to train employees of enterprises. they are already widely used in various industries.


Specialized training centers use virtual reality simulators in the educational process together with classical training methods.

Ready products

Training on health and safety

Designed for planned or unscheduled training of employees on health and safety and analysis of their level of training

Fire safety

Helps in practice to work out operating procedures in the event of a fire in the workplace

First aid

Helps to get practical skills in first aid to the victim at work

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