DreamPort is looking for young talents who are motivated to solve complex tasks as part of the DreamPort team.

Recently, DreamPort became a partner of the all-Russian project «Professional Training 2.0», which means that now every student can solve the case that interested them and get an invitation to work at DreamPort.

We believe that the Professional Training 2.0 project is a useful tool for dedicated young people, which uses student work and internships as a social elevator.

DreamPort has placed 10 cases available for the solution. СThe cases themselves are dedicated to mobile development and the Unity engine. We have come up with interesting tasks to solve, choose what is closer to you: travel app, engine diagnostics app, or catering app.

Recall that the mechanics of the project is extremely simple:

  • the employer places cases on the contest website;
  • the student performs practice-oriented work;
  • the results of the competition are published twice a year;
  • winners receive invitations to internships.

See you at DreamPort.